How can i show the temperature of the entire week using API

this is my code
this code shows only current temperature details and i want it for the entire week as well

Current api url gives only current temp.
to get entire week there is another url
please look One Call API docs -
openweathermap . org/api/one-call-api

first example can give daily array like this
“daily”: [
“dt”: 1586023200,
“sunrise”: 1586003020,
“sunset”: 1586048382,
“temp”: {
“day”: 281.46,

there is current hourly and daily details there. can you tell me how to get the data for five days.

just replace following in api url

var tempValue = data[‘main’][‘temp’];
var tempValue = data['list']['0'][‘main’][‘temp’];

to get the first temp in array

thankyou so much. its worked now.