How can i skip challenges

I m not newbie, i don’t want to do as many tasks. How can i skip it?

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You can hit this url

and pick exercises you want to solve.

Ok, i ll make as you say

Also consider that to get a certificate you just have to do the projects, everything else is optional

@ieahleen … hi, sorry to be obtuse, but please could you tell me which are the projects…
On that page it says: “You can earn each certification by completing its 5 final projects.” … for the first, " Responsive Web Design Certification (300 hours)", does this mean that I HAVE to do “Applied Accessibility” but that “Applied Visual Design” is optional? i.e. to get certification…

only the projects are mandatory to get the certification. they are called “projects”, they are the last thing in certification curriculum

Thanks! \asdfasdfasfdasfdasfdasfasd

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