How can I solve this user-test withouth messing up my code?


I already solved my original problem but still the user story:

Within #quote-box, I can see a clickable <a> element with corresponding id=“tweet-quote”.

It´s not passing…

This is my codepen in case anyone has an idea:

Just don’t bother.
No one in real life writes or uses such tests.

The particular test would have easily passed had you known that id names are always unique in html. You can’t have two elements with same id. Now,

<div class="double-button-div">
     <a id="tweet-quote" href="url"><i id="tweet-quote" class="fab fa-twitter-square"></i></a>
    <a id="tumblr-quote" href="url"><i class="fab fa-tumblr-square"></i></a>

Here, anchor tag and icon tag have same id, just remove the id from i tag or rename it.
Your test shall pass!

You have to follow the instructions as indicated by the tests. You have to make the anchor tag with id=“tweet-quote” be a direct child of the element with id=“quote-box”.


The challenge Set the id of an Element explains:

I just did it and still isn´t passing. Do you know why it might be?

<div id="quote-box">
    <i class="fas fa-quote-left"></i><h3 id="text">&nbsp;&nbsp;You do not need any preacher or prophet to learn about God. The teaching is spread on the trees and the mountains, on the stars and the river, on the Sun and the moon. The ultimate teaching is written in your heart. You just need to wake up and see</h3>
  <h6 id="author">Banani Ray</h6>
  <a id="tweet-quote" href="url"><i id="tweet-quote" class="fab fa-twitter-square"></i></a>
  <div id="buttons-div">
    <div class="double-button-div">
    <a id="tumblrr-quote" href="url"><i class="fab fa-tumblr-square"></i></a>
    <button type="button" id="new-quote" class="btn btn-success">New quote</button>

If you mean that you put in only unique ids, you don’t have unique ids
You have two things with the id asked from the tests and it may be confusing the tests

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Thanks bro, I was so confused with so many < i > and < a > that I couldn´t see such simple mistake even though it was already said it up in the post :S