How can I stop the cursor from blinking in the freeCodeCamp editor?

I find a blinking cursor to be annoying and distracting, hence I turn it off everywhere. I’ve tried stopping the blinking cursor with CSS using animation: none in Chrome dev tools but so far I’m not having any luck in getting it working. Do you have any suggestions?

can u share with usure code also

Remove the word infinite from the animation for #Header:

animation: typing 3.5s steps(60, end), blink-caret .65s step-end; 


This code didn’t stop the cursor from blinking in the editor.

hard to tell if u don’t even share ure code…it could be over 100 other things

I see this is an old post but I’m new and straight away I see the blinking cursor in the editor and it drives me crazy. I don’t yet know anything about CSS but does someone know how I can turn this off?