How can I test my chrome extension?


How can I test my chrome extension?


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Usually, you install it on your browser, and see if it works.

Otherwise, are you talking about writing e2e tests for it? If so, then the most robust would be testing through Python/Selenium, or there might be a Cypress plugin to pre-configure the browser with the extension.

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I am not sure what level of testing do you want to do, but I think this is a general option:

If you want something more elaborate, use Selenium.

Hope this helps.

But before uploading it to the chrome dashboard how can install it on my system chrome?

Searching on your favourite search engine would bring up a lot of answers for this:

I have installed it and it’s in my extensions. Tha’s active But can’t see it in the progress bar!

Do you have any idea?

What progress bar?

You are most likely to find useful information in the official docs of whatever browser you are using.

I couldn’t find anything.
Please see the below image. My component name is instaberry.

Why that’s not in the active part.

it shows only pinned extensions, click the puzzle piece to see the ones that are active but not pinned

Thank you ilenia,

While I have installed my extension on chrome, and that is in the installed section, when I click the puzzle piece, I can’t see it!

How it is possible? Do you have any idea?

The extension site witch extension works from it is

No, I don’t have experience with google chrome extensions

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