How can I use weather icons in my weather app?

Hi! How can I use these icons in my codepen?Icons. I got main weather conditions for example “snow,thunderstorm etc” and I store it in the separate variable “weather” , also I’ve got icons for it, here’s what I want to do, if the main weather condition is snow, there’ll be the snow icon etc. But I can’t figure out how and where to store all the icons(html,css), I tried to put a link which forwards to one icon which is in other codepen page, but it didn’t work.
This is for better understanding.

var weather =[0].main;
if(weather = "snow"){
//So here I want to put a link to html,css file with  snow icon which will be shown in div

Hey @Nikita,
since each one of those icons is unique and has it’s own style, I would create the html necessary for them, but make sure their display is hidden. Then, create a css class with what is needed and make sure to show it once you want to show the icon (add it to the div).