How can we convert the binary to any othe lang other then English?

Hi all
Is there any code or way to convert binary to any any other language of choice?

Binary is just the numbers 1 and 0, that’s it. 1 means on, 0 means off. Japanese and Chinese amongst others may well have their own characters for numeral systems (most countries do – roman numerals for example are common), but computers use 1s and 0s. And anyway computers won’t work if you subsititute some other numeral characters for 1s and 0s (you can’t just replace 1001010111 in code with 一零零一零一零一一一, it doesn’t make sense). So no is the answer. Are you sure you meant binary?

sorry if my question hasn’t make sense!
I mean just like we convert the binary into English alphabets, can’t we convert that binary into any other language?
as in: Intermediate Algorithm Scripting: Binary Agents