How can you make more than one websitepage

Hey, I just wonder if you wanna have more than one site/template to your website, what must you then write? Here is my code: I have try to find out how to do it, but I don’t find anything.

I get a 404 error when following the link.

To have more than one page on a basic HTML website, you would need to have a separate file for each page, such as:
index.html (your landing page)
pageone.html (another page)
pagetwo.html (another page)
pagethree.html (another page)

From the content within your pages, you’ll need hyperlinks pointing to your other pages. If they’re all in the same folder, you would do something like this on index.html

<a href="pageone.html">Click here to visit pageone</a>


@BitsInMyBlood is right about that.
But if your talking about having different websites like… and
…you would need to create unique domains for each site I think. Then, I could be wrong about this, you need to host them separately.
My hosting service lets me host multiple domains with my one hosting account.

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Yeah, hyperlinks can be linked anywhere

Hyperlinks are the Shiznit!
Man I remember I couldn’t figure out why the hyperlink for a pdf kept 404ing, then I realized I had it placed in the file tree wrong :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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