How cann i overcome the feeling of not doing anything

Hello, I have a lot of free time almost my entire day but I only work on learning and coding one hour a day or sometimes 4-5 hours and I waste the rest of my day I always feel like doing nothing. I keep thinking about what I want to code and how I can do it but I don’t acutely start. I play video games for most of my day and my performance is going down because I play mindlessly can’t focus, or watch online videos without paying attention to it nothing seems engaging anymore. Does anyone have a tip or a piece of advice for me thanks in advance and sorry for my English and long post

I know how it’s like. Thing is, you have to find a way to trick your mind to think that what you have to do is really a big deal, like your life depends on it.
Because in a way it really is!!

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I usually try to setup some goals for myself, where the goals are both short-term and longer term. If your long term goal is “be a developer” ok cool, but you’ll need to shrink that down. How far you shrink it down really depends on how well you can stay “on track” so you accomplish a goal.

So if your having trouble on a day-to-day basis of staying on track, having a daily goal might be good.

Something as simple as “get ___ to work” might be fine. I’d consider setting up a few goals/tasks to try to accomplish so in-case you find one to be too easy, you can move onto the next one. This way you’ll see direct progresses immediately.

This is why I don’t watch videos longer than a few minutes. In a few minutes you can get a high level idea of a concept, but thats it.

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i was like you. wastes all time watching youtube and using reddit.

take your watch
start the timer
do the work
when interruption{
    take a piece of paper
    mark a dot when it happens
    return back to work

put yourself some great achvement
“i worked yesterday for 0400 hours man, i feel so good about it”
just think what you will feel tommorow bro
interruption can be anything not related to work

its hard ,it just gets easier


What brad said about setting small daily goals is good advice! It can be too hard to think long-term sometimes, so just getting through the day and feeling like you’ve accomplished something is a big boost.

I don’t know if you have ADHD, but even if not, the idea of ‘body doubling’ could help you get out of a slump. It’s also helpful for starting new routines, and to get through stretches of boring work in general.

If you don’t have anyone around IRL, you can do this remotely/online as well - just being in a video chat with someone else who is working can help you stay on track. Maybe there’s already a thread on these forums somewhere for people to buddy up or form groups? If not, make a thread - I bet others would be interested.

Google it - there are lots of articles out there.

Other things I find helpful:

White noise - helps me focus on studying/working and now my brain associates it with being in ‘work mode’. Here’s a free browser-based one that I like

Visual timer - if you have trouble keeping track of time and regular alarms/clocks aren’t helping. Helpful if you want to work for X minutes, then maybe take a break or let yourself game or watch videos for X minutes, switch back to work, repeat.

Hope you find something that helps! Good luck.

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Thank you guys I really appreciate your help. I will try to do as you said and hopefully, it works I hope you have a fantastic day nice people like you deserve it.

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