How cann i overcome the feeling of not doing anything

Hello, I have a lot of free time almost my entire day but I only work on learning and coding one hour a day or sometimes 4-5 hours and I waste the rest of my day I always feel like doing nothing. I keep thinking about what I want to code and how I can do it but I don’t acutely start. I play video games for most of my day and my performance is going down because I play mindlessly can’t focus, or watch online videos without paying attention to it nothing seems engaging anymore. Does anyone have a tip or a piece of advice for me thanks in advance and sorry for my English and long post

I know how it’s like. Thing is, you have to find a way to trick your mind to think that what you have to do is really a big deal, like your life depends on it.
Because in a way it really is!!

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I usually try to setup some goals for myself, where the goals are both short-term and longer term. If your long term goal is “be a developer” ok cool, but you’ll need to shrink that down. How far you shrink it down really depends on how well you can stay “on track” so you accomplish a goal.

So if your having trouble on a day-to-day basis of staying on track, having a daily goal might be good.

Something as simple as “get ___ to work” might be fine. I’d consider setting up a few goals/tasks to try to accomplish so in-case you find one to be too easy, you can move onto the next one. This way you’ll see direct progresses immediately.

This is why I don’t watch videos longer than a few minutes. In a few minutes you can get a high level idea of a concept, but thats it.

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i was like you. wastes all time watching youtube and using reddit.

take your watch
start the timer
do the work
when interruption{
    take a piece of paper
    mark a dot when it happens
    return back to work

put yourself some great achvement
“i worked yesterday for 0400 hours man, i feel so good about it”
just think what you will feel tommorow bro
interruption can be anything not related to work

its hard ,it just gets easier

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What brad said about setting small daily goals is good advice! It can be too hard to think long-term sometimes, so just getting through the day and feeling like you’ve accomplished something is a big boost.

I don’t know if you have ADHD, but even if not, the idea of ‘body doubling’ could help you get out of a slump. It’s also helpful for starting new routines, and to get through stretches of boring work in general.

If you don’t have anyone around IRL, you can do this remotely/online as well - just being in a video chat with someone else who is working can help you stay on track. Maybe there’s already a thread on these forums somewhere for people to buddy up or form groups? If not, make a thread - I bet others would be interested.

Google it - there are lots of articles out there.

Other things I find helpful:

White noise - helps me focus on studying/working and now my brain associates it with being in ‘work mode’. Here’s a free browser-based one that I like

Visual timer - if you have trouble keeping track of time and regular alarms/clocks aren’t helping. Helpful if you want to work for X minutes, then maybe take a break or let yourself game or watch videos for X minutes, switch back to work, repeat.

Hope you find something that helps! Good luck.

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Thank you guys I really appreciate your help. I will try to do as you said and hopefully, it works I hope you have a fantastic day nice people like you deserve it.