How common do you think remote work is going to be?

I really like to know your opinions. Since this Covid thing, I’ve been applying to remote jobs outside of my State because its become so common now. I think nearly all working programmers are working remotely. What do you think?

Despite a few notable companies claiming that they will remain 100% remote forever, I have my doubts that we’ll see a major work-from-home revolution. There’s been a slow trend toward allowing more remote work for programmers, but I think that in the long term this will only move us ahead a few steps. The fact that more companies now have the infrastructure for remote work may mean that in the future they will allow some amount of greater flexibility (such as occasionally working a day or two from home with your manager’s approval).

I think that we will consider to see remote positions be

  • less common
  • more competitive
  • lower paying
  • reserved for more senior developers
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