How deep is the Node.JS material? and any other node material/sites would be appreciated?

I am not there yet, but by the end of it will I be a beginner-intermediate node.js dev?

Also, any other/additional resources on Node.Js will be most helpful and appreciated, so please let me know?


Here are plenty of lessons about NodeJS.


I learned most of my node stuff from the “learnyou…” series. Learn you node, learn you mongo, etc. The micro API projects are not much harder than what is in the “learn you…” series.

I had no prior node experience but others have been puzzled by the learnyounode series and I thought it was a lot of fun to solve the pieces.

For me I had to be comfortable not understnading what was happening and just being able to make it work. Now node feels as good as front end for the level of projects I am working on at least.


Thanks @Y-Taras @AdventureBear