How detailed should resume be?

I’m about to finish a CS degree and I’m updating my resume. I’m not sure how detailed to be with my previous non-tech related work. Currently I have 3-5 bullet points under each of my previous 4 jobs succinctly describing things I worked on in those roles. In my current role I’ve used some of my programming skills so I’m highlighting that. I assume I can show through my previous work that I have a lot of desirable soft skills. Any advice would be great. I can post my resume if that would be easier.

Thanks :smile:


rule of thumb for resumes nowadays: One page, not more, fit everything on there with the help of a column layout. At least that’s what I hear from many sources.

So only list the most relevant and most recent information, experience as the most important info about you.

You can post your resume here for assessment if you like (blur private information).

Best of luck for the final stretch and the job hunt.

Having specific details in your resume = good
Adding a bunch more words = bad

Good things to add are specificity and objective measurements. Listing the primary languages and tools of a project for example, is a thousand times more useful than having a section of “skills” where you just list languages and tools unrelated to anything. Also good is anything measurable. “Decreased/increased something by X%” is always good.

The goal with resume bullet points is to show as much as possible, with the fewest number of words.