How did I do? Random Quote Machine

I just spent the past couple nights completing the challenge. I decided to add in some additional features like background color changes just to see if I could. (Thank goodness for JQuery). I probably did a horrible job with CSS and Bootstrap though. Let me know what I could’ve done better and I will get around to updating it soon.[details=Summary]This text will be hidden[/details]

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Nice and clean. Though I do wonder why the title says “Random Quote API” because the application itself isn’t an API. One other small thing: when you request a new quote, the color changes a bit faster than the quote itself, which is a bit jarring. I recommend moving that color change into the AJAX response callback or perhaps removing it altogether. Nice work, though. Looks good.

I just looked at the code and noticed you intentionally insert the 300ms delay. Why is that?

just messing around, learning what it even does. im aware the application itself is not an api, just spat out a quick title describing what its about(ish).