How did I do? Thoughts on my portfolio

So I’ve been working very, very hard to finish up my portfolio. There were certain things I wanted done that I had no idea how to do, so I started reading like crazy and googling. I even went out and got a domain name, so I can showcase my future projects and also, created my own personal logo. It’s not 100% finished, but I’m working on it.
I also got a bunch of other new people to try out FCC :D.

Cheers, campers!


Awesome! I dig the layout. I even checked out if it is responsive, and it looks like it is! Great job!

One thing I would say to improve is to optimize your code. It looks like I would have download 3.2 MB. Try to minimize your code, as well as compress any images you have.

Happy coding!

hey, your design looks pretty good :slight_smile:

one thing I would highly recommend would be to let scrolling just happen the normal way instead of changing it. It can just really mess with people’s heads to have a scroll effect set, and it’s probably more distracting than helpful this way

Thanks for your thoughts. I am very aware of the optimization, I’m actually on that as we speak. Like I said, it’s not 100% finished. Also, thanks for the link, looks way better than the chrome dev tools.

Wow, thanks for the advice. I just figured the smoother scrolling would consequently make the page smoother itself. Will definitely take into consideration, a family member of mine told me the same thing. It’s nice to hear other people’s opinions :smile:

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Hi! I really like your page. Well done! I wouldn’t have set that 75% width to portfolio items, and perhaps the skills icons are a bit too big.

@Nifled I really like what you’ve done, the animation are subtle and clean…One question and I don’t know if this was done on purpose but I noticed you have a section for your skills yet it you don’t have a link to that portion of the site. I kind of threw me off scrolling through your pages and noticing it there yet not seeing it in your navigation… overall the site is well done sir!

Looks really nice. Though that picture of your eye is quite creepy haha.

Your portfolio is awesome I must say. Great job on the scrolling of the background, it corresponds to the appropriate portion of information. I thought that was pretty cool, and nice fadeout of the images in your portfolio.

Oh my GOd, are you newbie at freecodecamp? that’s amazing, i’m newbie and i see that this is insane man. :smiley:

please help me with the tutorial, how you can find it,? Link to the tutorial plizzz… :smiley:

This is beautiful. I almost immediately want to click the hire me button. If you’re only just starting and this is what you’re producing then you’re on the right track. I’ve seen a few people mention they don’t like the scrolling effect- I am of the opposite opinion, I think it’s brilliant. Keep up the good work, and don’t mind if I dig through your source to steal a few tricks :).

Thanks a lot. I don’t mind at all! Actually, the whole code is on my Github page. In the Portfolio repository, for anyone that wants to see.

Thanks so much! I’ve worked hard at it. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it off tutorials. It was just from reading or searching how to work with specific details and tips on Google, and of course, FCC. If you want, I can give you some of the material that helped me, just pm me or contact me.

Awesome! This background of the first page ist great? Where can I get (something like) that?

Thank you! If you have a good camera, make a short video and edit it. Like I did, I gave it a nice blur and other small details. There are also places where you can get free stock video clips of different things. Sites like Pexels and Mazwai. Now to actually apply it to your site, there are several methods. I just used video tags with a source inside.

   <video id="wrapper" autoplay loop ?wmode=transparent>
   <source src="vids/header.mp4" type="video/mp4">

I also styled it up, obviously, so it can get a fixed height, etc. But that’s up to you.

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