How did you break in to Tech?

I’ve been learning Web Development for the past year and I’m really interested in hearing y’all stories.

Please share!!

I finished FCC and kept learning and building things. I went out of my way to learn new techs and include them in my projects, getting more and more complicated. polished up my resume, my linkedin, my portfolio, etc. Then I started applying like crazy. I got a lot of rejections. I kept applying and polishing up my materials and improving my interviewing skills. I eventually got a job.


That’s great man. That’s what I’m trying to do atm but having a little trouble staying organized. How long did it take you to get a job ?

After finishing FCC, maybe a little over a year. #ymmv

But there is no set path and there is no set timeline. There are too many variables - your skill, how well you sell yourself, the job market where you are, how your techs match up with the job market where you live, and or course luck.

My advice is to just keep learning and building. And applying. As you learn more and build more, your employability will increase. Eventually, that combined with luck, eventually that will intersect the need of the market and you’ll eventually get a job.

At the risk of more shameless self-promotion, I once wrote up a doc with my story and my thoughts on that difficult to get first job.


Haha definitely giving it a read!

I am learning from others experiences so I appreciate your response.

If you search back through the forum, you’ll find a lot of discussions about this. There are also of course blog articles and such peppered over the internet.

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I am not aware of the different tools, programs…. I want to learn mostly web design with enough coding to make me well rounded.

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I started my journey with home study or school for that matter in information technology and computer science, although I only received a certificate award the knowledge I obtained was invaluable, I`m now working on web development mostly on my own!

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I have a degree in Computer Science. While I was in school I worked part time for a university department on their website stuff. Through the university career services I connected with a local company and worked as a full time intern for my last two years of school. When I was approaching graduation, I again connected with several employers through my university career services and accepted an offer.

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So for Front-End web development you have HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Here are a few resources:-

So if you would create a road map i’d say

  1. Learn HTML/CSS basics from Scrimba
  2. Follow some Kevin Powell’s vids to improve in CSS
  3. Use Front-End mentor to apply what you learned in HTML/CSS
  4. Follow Scrimba JS basics or the YouTube video that I linked to learn JS.
  5. Use Front-End Mentor to apply what you learned.
  6. Profitt!!

Hope that helps!! Let me know if you have any questions!

I’m not working as a developer (yet), but I moved from secretarial/admin work into tech. I learned a lot on the job, particularly after I started working from home and got my first PC. I helped to start a PC user’s group and then volunteered my services to a couple of non-profits. That turned into some consulting work and helped me get my first “real” tech job at my ISP.

I’m a support engineer now and I use the coding I’ve learned in my current position. I hope to move on to being a developer at some point, though.

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