How did you go about choosing a tribute subject

I’m trying to determine the subject of my tribute page. I’d like the opportunity to learn about someone I might not otherwise research, and I don’t want to pick someone cliche! How did you choose your subject??


Think about one of your other interests, and chose someone outstanding in that field. For example, I love Italian Horror films - so I chose an actress who has appeared many of these films.

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That’s a great question. Coincidentally I’m doing mine this week. I was going to put a lot of thought into it but this is just a theme to build your first page. It’s more about putting your newly learned skills to the test. Make it fun. There are no rules so do something original; like a character from a movie or whatever. I wouldn’t overthink it, unless you feel it’s important. That’s my impression anyway. Maybe double check before taking my word for it.


I had a similar dilemma, though, like Soupedenuit, I didn’t want to spend too long thinking about it. Is there anyone (friend/family) who you could make a tribute page on behalf of? That way, I ended up finding out more about an actor one of my friends really rated.

I simply looked for the person who made a great impact in improving the general life of humans around him even though his was at stake. my hence I chose Nelson Mandela:heart:

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Agreed, no need to overthink your subject. Lots of people seem to go with famous people from history (there are certainly lots to choose from, in so many areas), or you could do your favorite band/artist that you listen to, or a movie or movie character, etc.

I did mine on Alan Turing (the “father” of computer science, and made even more famous by the movie The Imitation Game from a couple years ago), but plan to re-do the project on one of my favorite bands after I learn React.

I did mine on a family member. This insured pride in my work.

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Oh I’m not stressing over it per se. I just kinda geeked out over the project and the opportunity to learn something new about somebody cool. I am nothing if not an overachiever. :wink:

@rachaelcodes I really like your idea!

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I did my satirical one on Jay Cutler… simply because I have to endure watching him every week.

I did one of my favorite bands.

Lmao. You may be my hero. :joy:

Don’t feel like you have to follow the do-gooder idealistic examples.

I chose an infamous outlaw from Canada called The Mad Trapper because his story had fascinated me for years.

For me the choice was very easy, I am a big fan of music, different styles, but there is one singer I like a lot and have been to her live concerts three times. I know that she has a big impact on many people’s lives through her music. So I choose her - Tarja Turunen

Haha!.. and I put so much effort into mine at the time that I’m actually a bit angry with you :rage:

I chose mine for no other reason than he’s dead and I love rallying and cars.

The tribute doesn’t have to be about a person; I’ve seen several where people had tributes to products or movies or whatever. I wish I’d thought of something like that, I’d have made it on something like Pulp Fiction instead of Nikola Tesla (not that I regret doing it on a great scientist).

I did mine on the internet hero “Ditch Kitty”.

I just did a fictional character. I think it works just as well :slight_smile:

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