How difficult was your first developer job?

I was just curious to know from people who have landed their first developer job how difficult was it? Did you find being a relatively rookie stressful?


I wanna know too, because I get the impression that employer wants their rookie candidate to be front-end, back-end super hero that can do anything.

The reason why I think that is because of job posting requirement are often extremely unrealistic.
Junior position require 10 years of experience with salary range 35k/year is the most ridiculous I’ve seen.


Programming is hard. It’s always hard. When you’re new, it’s hard and also scary.

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“Junior position require 10 years of experience …”

Yeah, that always shocks me. “Entry level position, must have 5+ years professional experience building web apps, and be guru level in html, css, JS, NodeJS, Angular, React, Express, PHP, C++, C#, Cb, Ruby, Assembly, swordfish juggling, brain surgery, …”

It really makes me question what the words “entry level” mean. To me it means “your entry into the field”, as in you’ve never worked professionally in the field before and this is how you get started. Obviously, you need some knowledge, but you have to start somewhere.

The advice that was given to me is just to apply anyway - a lot of times they will be flexible for the right person or may soon realize that their expectations are unreasonable.