How do change job from application support to data analyst

I have been working in application support for 14 years now and want be a data analyst and in reporting field because whenever I want to change jobs they keep asking for technical skills even though we would have worked only on the application side of it. How do I switch job to being a data analyst as I’m interested in reporting and data visualization ?

Quick history: customer service > QA > analyst/product owner > database analyst/developer > data visualization > full stack web developer all at the same company.

Skills: Having done the job, my two biggest skills were SQL and Tableau. It didn’t hurt that I could also create SSIS packages to get the data I needed or create stored procs/views/tables etc.

How to get skills: You can install Microsoft SQL Server for free and create your own database. Last I remember, you could also install Tableau for free. Any reports you created could only be published publicly but that could be your portfolio. Can even use publicly available data.

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