How Do I Access A Property from API?

I am building a mini weather app in Node and I’m struggling to access a particular object. Attached is a screenshot of the openweathermap API. I want to access the “main” : “Clear” property, but I keep getting undefined for the first one. ('Today the sky will be undefined…). Below is a snippet of my code:

let weatherText = `Today, the sky will be ${weather[0]['main']}. The wind speed is ${weather.wind.speed}. It's ${weather.main.temp} degrees in ${}, ${}, even though it feels like ${weather.main.feels_like} degrees!`;


Is this the only one that’s not working or the others in your code also don’t work?
Looking at it, it seems that you have whole parsed data in weather variable, that would mean to access attributes in weather field you need to use[0].