How do i add a attribute

what is a attribute, and how do i add it. nothing explains this or i when through it with out knowing ,its the little thing like that, that are making this hard. after i add a element, how do i add a attrubute,i have a 3 section notebook i have wrote notes on everythink i have done on html and css on this course and done see anything explaining what a attribute is or how to add it ,need help please .

Hi @Metal !

Are you currently working on one of the lessons?
If so, which one?
Can you link the lesson you are working and share your code so we can help?

To answer your question, an attribute is a value placed in the html element to adjust its behavior.

For example, this is an anchor tag also known as a link.

<a>This is the a link</a>

You can add attributes to the anchor tag like the href attribute which specifies the URL for where the link should good.

This anchor tag, when clicked, will go to freeCodeCamp.

<a href="">freeCodeCamp</a>

thanks that helps ,its like google has to go around their you know what hole to get to their elbow sometime ,or don’t understand some time .

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