How do I add Marked.js as a dependency for Create-React-App setup?

I’m currently developing a Markdown Previewer app using React-Redux and within the Create-React-App in Visual Studio Code environment. I tried to add Marked.js through both CLI: npm install -g marked and In-browser: npm install marked --save but the marked() method still remains undefined and thus it fails to compile.

Have you imported it inside of the file you are trying to use it in?

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Yes, I would install it locally with npm install marked --save (or yarn add marked). Then (as Lucas points out) you need to import it into any file where you are going to use it, usually something like import marked from 'marked'; and then in that file you can use marked as a function in that file.


Forgot to mention I tried to import it into the intended .js file. But, thank you for pointing that out, I realized I wrote the wrong module’s name. ‘Marked.min’, pretty silly mistake eh.

You can always check exactly what the module name is in you package.json file, under “dependencies”.