How do i apply what I have learn't into new projects and not just recreate other projects

I finished the Responsive Web Design Certification two months ago but found out that i could not do the coding challenge. I was absolutely lost as to where to start and what to start with when i was given a blank page to start coding. I eventually just tried to recreate the example of a tribute page given and till date i still haven’t moved past that. I was so scared that maybe coding isn’t for me and so i stopped completely but recently i decided to overcome that fear and go back to coding and here i am again! Any tips on learning to code for me as i start the responsive web design course again? How can i do my own personalized tribute page and not just recreate the example given? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

Don’t feel bad, it can be a bit overwhelming when you first start out. I been coding for not quite two months now so I know what you mean.

This guy has awesome tutorials.

Many of his project videos are designed with the intent of you following along on codepen. his method of developing a site really help me understand what I was doing.

I like to start by doing a sketch of my site, doesn’t have to be a masterpiece but it is hard to build something without a general idea for a layout. think about the content that will go in and how that is divided into sections.
from there I move on to the general html structure. make sure that is all good before moving on to the css.
once I have the html and elements have been assigned a class or id I make a list in my stylesheet leaving the brackets empty for now.
then I start going down the list and applying styles to all the elements in my sheet.

Just take it a step at a time and the projects get done
here is my latest:


Thanks for your feedback! I glanced through his videos and I like what I see. I would watch them alongside the freeCodeCamp lessons as i plan to start learning from the scratch. Thanks again!

don’t worry man , i was in the same spot as you :slight_smile: .
the difference is that i don’t quit, instead i start by trying to get a general idea of what i want to do (markup, styling, … ), then i do a quick review on what i didn’t understand before in the FCC curriculum , then it’s time for reading some googling :wink: reading documentations, watching YouTube vids and reading really good articles (i highly recommend you checking out , i only move on when i get a good understanding of all the concepts I’m aiming for since I’m gonna use them in my code .
finally , it’s time to move those fingers so you can run into problems and squeeze that brain of yours , you’ll eventually get to a point where you’re really gonna need some help to point you in the right direction , and that’s where stack-overflow comes in .

I’m just a beginner like you , but that’s what i do , and look where that got me LOL i’m drowning in react LOL i understand a thing then i find out about 447465426746 other things that i can’t wait to learn about :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


i should add that, designing your final goal (even with a pen and a paper) is gonna help you a lot too, you basically put down your ideas, make goals out of them and then make steps to achieve those goals in code .