How Do I Apply What I've Learned?

Hello! My name is Alex, and I’ve been coding for two months. I’ve been teaching myself how to code using this website and another website called Codecademy. I’ve learned more than I have in my whole life. I taught myself basic HTML, CSS, and a bit of JavaScript.

The reason I picked up coding is because with so many technologies in the world, I might’ve well learn to understand them. Every time I learned something, I’m becoming more fascinated with coding. I want to see how much I can grow with this. I don’t have an exact path yet, but so far, I’m leaning towards web development.

So here’s my question, how do I apply what I’ve learned?

I could learn everything the Internet has to offer, but they means nothing if I can’t learn to apply my knowledge to anything. I believe it’d be one of the hardest obstacles for me to overcome, so I’m sure it’ll get easier once I’d get past it. Got any idea how do I do that? Any answer would be much appreciated. And if you have any question for me, don’t hesitate to ask.

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Ha e you started doing the projects at the end of the fcc certificates? That is applying the knowledge

No, I haven’t gotten that far yet. However, I did a couple of them at Codecademy. They were helpful.

Go out and build something with what you have learned so far.

I personally believe you haven’t truly learned something until you use it. Thinking “building something” an obstacle isn’t right, it isn’t just “one” obstacle, but infinite amounts of obstacles.

If you go out and start building something you probably will run into an issue here or there. This is where you get the experience. There’s no such thing as building something without issues, you will run into them, its entirely normal and expected. Your goal isn’t to be 100% ready, by studying/learning/memorizing everything, its to be able to jump in and learn and overcome problems as they pop up.

So yes, go out and try to build something, and learn from the issues that pop up. Learn by doing, don’t try to learn how to do. You should be at a point where you have an idea of what you could build, add a few more things you want to learn (hosting on github, or using a framework for example) and just start.

Good luck, keep building :smile:

Thank you for your advice. I will definitely keep this in mind as I’d continue my coding journey. :slight_smile: