How do I become a front-end developer if I have only 2 hours a day study?

I have read a lot of success stories about becoming a front-end or full-stack web developer. It seems like most of those people have a full-time study which is great but for me, I have to take care of two young kids and I have only 2 hours a day to study. What do you recommend me to manage my study time to become a front-end developer etc.?

Thank you!

The same thing, just slower.


From copy paste anyone can be a front end developer as you can see front end codes is easy to copy so … steal codes :slight_smile:

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:point_up_2:t4: bad advice.

try installing an app like Sololearn, you can use it to study when ever you get a chance e.g lunch breaks, bus/train rides.


Thank you @Sisa95. Is Sololearn for a very beginner?
Yeah @bestdesign it is very bad advice. Is that how you learn to code anyway?

@krittiyaclark Yes it is.