How do I capture content of the active tab in the chrome browser and send the screenshots to a database for retrieval?

I’m trying to create a remote classroom management software like Securly Classroom and GoGuardian but I don’t know how to make the chrome extension capture the users screen and allow me to see it on my end. I’ve tried searching for answers but nobody seems to know how to make it work. I’m trying to get it where the the extension doesn’t have to ask permission to capture content, it just does, and then it sends it to a database or streams it to a website in Replit or Microsoft Visual Studio. I’d like to get where I can click a button on my web app and have it start seeing the screenshots in real-time and then I can click a button to stop seeing the screenshots. I also want to have the ability to save the screenshots to a database within my web app so I can view them later and see further details. I also want to be able to see a list of the current tabs the user has open, with the favicons, and working urls. And in the future, I’d like to be able to maybe lock the screen, be able to close and open tabs, and eventually share my screen. But first I need to start seeing my users screen.

And what have you tried so far, what chrome extension are you using? This seems like a pretty big ask for a Q&A forum, can’t really imagine someone could advise how to build a cross-platform multi-faceted complex database/server/browser screen capture interaction software in a few likes of text. But maybe someone here can.

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