How do I combine and view Rows as Columns?

I’m trying to learn more about SQL and I have some problems, I don’t know how to combine tables,
I need to use some rows as columns, here is some sample data:

Here are my Tables:

food_id food_name
1 Eggs
2 Strawberries
3 Banana
4 Milk

food_id nutr_no nutr_val
1 W1 100
1 P1 60%
1 P2 30%
1 P3 10%
2 W1 100
2 P1 0%
2 P2 0%
2 P3 0%
3 W1 100
3 P1 0%
3 P2 100%
3 P3 0%
4 W2 500
4 P1 0%
4 P2 0%
4 P3 20%

nutr_no units NutrDesc
W1 gr Weight
W2 ml Weight
P1 % Protein
P2 % Carbs
P3 % Fat

This is the end result I would like to have

RESULT Food Table
food_id Food Name Weight Protein Carbs Fat
1 Eggs 100gr 60% 30% 10%
2 Strawberies 100gr 0% 0% 0%
3 Banana 100gr 0% 100% 0
4 Milk 500ml 80% 0% 20%

Use foreign keys. Example: You already have foods table. Add additional field called nutritionData. This field will hold as a value a primary keys of specific column in nutrition_data table. nutrition_data table should have their primary key field, nutr_no, nutr_val fields and definition field. Also duplicate values in nutrition_data should be avoided.

Image of connected table in mysql:
If you want to know summary, for example, of specific users from main table, of specific status. You’ll use foreign keys. Main holds data, status table holds all possible statuses without duplicates.
You’ll find alot docs by googling mysql foreign key. Here is official docs on this subject.