How do i comment out h1 and my p element but not my h2 element not my

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<h1>Hello World-->

<p>Kitty ipsum dolor sit amet, shed everywh

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**Challenge:**  Comment out HTML

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Hello @dumelo welcome to the FCC community.
To comment out a line, you need to use the comment syntax “<!-- -->” to wrap the line you want to comment out and to uncomment, you would have to remove it.

To comment multiple lines you can group them together and start the comment syntax above the first line and place the end of the comment syntax after the last line.


<p>First line</p>
<p>Second line</p>
<p>Third line</p>
All codes above will be commented out...

<p>This line will not be commented out.</p>

Hope this helps, happy coding :+1:!

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