How do I determine the programming language used for

How do I determine the programming language used for GSelector, MusicMaster, or Power Gold music scheduling software (for radio stations)?

Is it C++, Java, Python, Scala, or something else entirely?

Any suggestions?

In the case of compiled software, you can’t. Power Gold is a windows download. You could guess it might have been made with Microsoft tools. GSelector and MusicMaster you have to sign in to get to their downloads so I didn’t go there. Gselector has an ASP website and MusicMaster has a PHP website. It would be a good guess that their respective cloud products use the same stack but you’d need access to find out.


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Not entirely true or accurate… there are ways to have a better more educated guess… as this SO post seems to imply…
How to know in which language/technology program (.exe) is written?

Although, what some of the answers there suggest, would take a lot of experience and know how with dissemblers, de-compilers, and the like. Not saying what you said is 100% wrong, but it’s not 100% correct either… Just saying that it “might” be possible to get some clues about the language/compiler used, but obviously, you’re not going to get source code.

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