How do I find a pinned topic?

Hi there. In some replies to problems, particularly relating to getting CodeAlly to work, I have seen comments like “Have a look at the pinned topic”. How do I find these pinned topics?


Look in the backend development section.

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Thank you - what I want to know, though, is when I’m in the backend development section, how do I find the pinned topics - what do I click or press to find them? I might not remember the exact topic heading.

There is only one pinned topic (that one, which is one of two in the entire forum), and as it’s pinned it’s always at the top of the list of posts in “backend development”. + there’s a little pin icon next to the title

Thanks for replying. However I don’t see what you are talking about - here’s a screenshot just taken now:

Ah, hmm, I see what you mean. This is not what I see; though I’m using the forum as an app on my phone, it should be exactly the same

If you have read a post, it can become unpinned, if you have your settings set to do that.

Although, for this particular post, if you want to find it:

Thank you for replying - I went to the post and pinned it. What setting will unpin if I read?

It appears this is a forum feature, not a profile setting.

Thank you for replying. Confirm that I cannot untick those myself

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