How do I flag something for removal on this forum?

I see a post and want to flag it, but I don’t see anything happen when I click on the flag button. I would appreciate any help on this topic. How do I flag something inappropriate to get staff’s attention?

Hello there,

When you click the :white_flag: button, the post is put into a “review queue” for moderators to assess.

Depending on your forum “trust level”, the post either remains as is whilst it is under review (lower trust level), or automatically gets hidden whilst under review (higher trust level).

When you click the button, it should open a modal for you to select why you have flagged the post. If this modal does not appear for you, then there is likely something preventing it from working on your browser. E.g.

  • Your browser is out-dated
  • You have a browser extension preventing certain scripts from running on the forum, or a style setting hiding the modal

Hope this helps