How do I get a job as a Full-Stack developer after finishing my React projects?

How do I get a job as a Full-Stack developer after finishing my React projects?

I’m trying to get work with the knowledge I gained from this. But it’s like I need to know every technology in the world.

How do people get hired from FreeCodeCamp?

I will not stop looking, but my efforts need feedback because there’s got to be some reasonable explanation why people do FreeCodeCamp and get hired. If I can’t get hired, I have to know what I can do, instead of dive headfirst into self-pity(it is very hard though).

It isn’t easy or fast. Most employers would prefer not to take the chance on a self-taught developer with little-to-no experience if they have a choice. People get their first job offer after getting a lot of rejection first.

Keep learning and practicing, but most of all start building things of your own and/or get involved in larger “real world” projects. Tutorial projects or assignments for a course aren’t really what I would consider to be experience. I don’t know how long you have been coding, but keep in mind that most people spend a couple of years learning and developing their skills before they begin doing it professionally.

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I don’t have a full answer, but an example.

Started coding a good while ago, learnt python. Wrote some stuff and got tired. Then I did web dev, but didn’t like front end very much.

Learnt some react, etc. When looking for jobs they required loads of skills, and being very sharp at them. Then i stopped coding for 6months and did gardening.

Weeks ago I just search for projects on github read through them and offer myself to volunteer, just because I love coding, even if that’s not my main job i’d still try to do it.

I wrote a good piece of code and they decide to pay me some money (nothing much).

So I can tell by experience that this is one way. Read how to collaborate in small projects, and get in touch with them, and try to volunteer for fixing typos or anything, until you are ready to write some code.

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You dont need to know everything. You get hired by applying to a lot of companies. Dont stop until someone gives you a job offer.

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