How do i get better?

I’m so new to this coding, I have no background whatsoever. What’s the best way for me to retains all these informations? While solving these steps am I suppose to memorize everything as far as nesting, anchoring, <> </>, etc…? i mean what is it that I need to look for while solving these problems? or am I suppose to memorize every steps of the way?

This is normal. It happens to everyone at the beginning, even for experts. No need to memorize . Practice makes perfect.

It depends on what works best for you. Some people find written or typed notes help, others (like me) collect information on coding topics via web browser favourites. So I’d advise trying different methods and seeing what helps you the most.

After time and practice you will start memorise things, but don’t worry if you can’t retain it all at first. Personally I’d focus on understanding the logic behind the coding language and how it is structured.

I keep a bookmarks folder for the course I’m working on so I can reference things that I find helpful. I also like to keep a journal where I write the solution code. I only do this at the very end of the project/section I’m working on.

so I don’t need to memorize anything as of right now? even all these little symbols (<,>,<>, nesting, etc…??). the more I do it the more I would memorize them correct?

You could in theory look every single little detail up.

“How do I write a div?”
“What is a div?”
“What’s the difference between a div and a span?”

But if you noticed, you need to be able to lookup something based on what its called. Without that you’ll be left with the problem of not knowing “what to look for”.

This is the one thing you’d want to memorize. Its the “topic” of what you’d want to know about.

Eventually you’ll naturally remember things the more you use them, as they turn into muscle memory. You might need to lookup how you write a given HTML attribute, but you can’t lookup HTML tags you don’t know about. So just using things, and knowing what these “things are called” can get you pretty far.

You also could lookup general problems, like “how to center an element in HTML”, or how to capture user input. This could lead to more generic answers, as general questions usually do so you might have to do more legwork than if you asked a specific question.

Focused memorization usually isn’t the right way to go as you can end up memorizing a bunch of unimportant things that you never use, where-as you forget all the important stuff you end up using a lot.

I usually recommend just using what you learned as often as possible. This will get things “into muscle memory” and thus help you naturally memorize things automatically. It will take time, and you can’t rush it. You will forget things, just try to remember how to look them up, or remember what sort of problem they are there to solve, that way you can lookup the problem and find you answer again.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

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