How do I get "helpful error" messages in CodePen test environment?

So I,m working on the freeCodeCamp Survey Form and I’m stuck with 14 of 17 tests passing. I’ve gone back through the requirements and can’t spot what I’m missing. I’ve even deleted the code and rebuilt the page piece by piece to see what I’m missing. Can’t spot it.

The page appears to work as required – but it’s not pretty. (I’ve done no CSS at this point, the project doesn’t seem to require them.

There’s a comment in the JS panel that says:

“As you start to build out your project, when tests are failing, you should get helpful errors along the way!”

I’m not seeing any such messages, and nothing appears in Console except the number “3” repeatedly. Don’t see anything else that looks like a link to such a message. Requirement #3 is the form element, but that works. I can mess it up and the test fails, correct it and I’m back to 14 out of 17.

It sure would be nice to see such a message. Where do I find them?

Any help – thanks

They don’t appear in your browser console.

They appear in red when you open up your test suite and look at failed test cases.

Got-em. Thanks a bunch.