How do I get pass challenge 12

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    <h2>Cat Photos</h2>
    <!-- TODO: Add link to cat photos -->
    <p>Click here to view more<a href="">cat photos</a></p>
    <img src="" alt="A cute orange cat lying on its back.">
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Challenge: Step 12

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You are so close. You accidentally remove a space between the words “more” and “cat”.

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But I did add a space and still not working. Please :pray: help if you can

You’ll need to show us your updated HTML.

To display your code in here you need to wrap it in triple back ticks. On a line by itself type three back ticks. Then on the first line below the three back ticks paste in your code. Then below your code on a new line type three more back ticks. The back tick on my keyboard is in the upper left just above the Tab key and below the Esc key.

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Hello! I also got stuck here for like 10+ mins. All you need to do to pass the challenge 12 is to remove the “cat photos” in the p element that’s it. Leave the “cat photos” between in those anchor no need to change something in there.

I forgot put a href beside the p element just like in the (a) and type “cat photos” and you’re done

HI @joel.edeki !

Welcome to the forum!

This is what your code currently produces
Screen Shot 2022-06-25 at 9.25.44 PM

You see how there is no space between more and cat photos?

That is where the issue is.

Add a space after the word more here

Once you do that, then the test will pass.

Hope that helps!

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