How do I implement a codepen (HTML, CSS, and Javascript) to my Shopify website?

I want to implement a codepen to my website. It has HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I’m not sure how to implement these codes into a Shopify website. I’ve tried uploading the CSS and Javascript as assets and linking them inside the theme.liquid body tags. I’m adding the HTML in the pages I want them to appear (like the product pages template), but see no results. Any one experienced with this? I’m mainly testing this out in order to be able to implement codes I will need in the future. The codepen link is here:

Codepen is a teaching tool, a place to try things out and learn things. It is not “real” web development. It is the difference between using a flight simulator and actually flying a plane.

But yes, if you edit the code for the site and incorporate the site correctly, they should be useful.

I have not done shopify. Am I correct in assuming that by “Shopify website” you mean a standard website that uses shopify? Are you able to edit it at all? That would be my first step, to confirm that I understand how to make any change to it.

Unless someone has some specific knowledge here, I think we’d need to see the site in question. Is there a repo?

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