How do I include an image for my tribute page?

Where are you guys getting your images?
Do I need to just link to an open stock image I’ve found on the Net or is that bad form?
Do I need to download an image to my own computer and somehow link to that?

Since you’re not going to be using this image commercially, you could just download an image and use it as long as you give proper credits. But in general, it is always advised to use images with a proper license. CC0 licensed images gives you full rights to use them without attribution. Here are two popular free stock image sites: Unsplash and StockSnap.

If you want to use the picture of a person or an object, try a Wikipedia search. Most of the images on Wikipedia are free to use without attribution.

Finally, to use an image on CodePen, you need to either use DropBox or Cloudinary. A simple google search will give you thousands of tutorials on how to do it.

HI MetteNic

You can use the google search for images and especially for images which you can use and make changes (be careful with the licenses).
It is not a good practice to link to another site for your images. Websites will be updated, images deleted or relocated and then they don’t appear on your own website.
Download them and use a photobucket account or imgur or another plattform to save them. Or save them on your webspace (if you have one).


I suspected I might have to use something like dropbox. thank you, I’ll try!

Thank you for your help!

Dropbox is ok too. Try what works best for you and your project :slight_smile:

I found out the hard way that you can’t use Imgur to link images to CodePen. Imgur doesn’t appreciate being used as a content delivery system apparently. Cloudinary works really well though.

I ended up using Cloudinary and it is working fine!

We all from FCC made this CodePen and Imgur experience :smile: Sometimes it works, sometimes not :unamused:
But Imgur is not bad in general. And codePen is not the right place for every project.
Many things didn’t work there.
But this is not a problem. Every project has its own solution and if you know your opportunities you can just try out and find the best :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the information. Very helpful!!!