How do I isolate the FreeCodeCamp Testing Script's styling from the Header styling?

I’m making the Product Landing Page project, and I’ve run into this issue where the testing script takes on the css styling of the Header, where I’ve tried to use a CSS Grid to separate the elements. Thus the testing script which I think is inserted into the header, takes on the header’s CSS. This results in weird displays of the test list, which I want to overcome.
Codepen link:

This is a known issue with the way the tests use css. You could avoid it if you styled you elements via classes and not use general selectors like ul or li or p or h1, etc… If you want to reference p elements, just make sure you reference them within an element with a specific class. For example .classmate > p { }

Thank you. I’ll try your fix. The issue isn’t a huge deal but I did want to know if I was making a mistake somewhere.