How do I know I am internship ready?

I am interested in web development, data science, ML(even though I am not really good with math)…and…even software engineering. And I am not able to decide one. IS that okay?
Or do we really need to choose one.

I know html, css, basic javascript, c, c++ , basic python, some java.
Ok, I know its very basic. But what do I do if I have 6 months to get my first internship?
If anyone can advice about stuff I need to add in my skillset to know I am internship read. Or just for anything (DS/ML/Web/etc.) how do I know I am internship ready?

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start applying, however it goes ask for feedback so you know on what you need to improve
when you are accepted, you are ready

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And add some proof that you are actually good at all the stuff.
Talk is easy.

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From a guy who has hired interns and loved working with them …

With respect, you’re overthinking this. Where I worked (small highly technical Software-as-a-service companies) we hired interns for their fresh eyes and creativity. We weren’t looking for major skillz … they were interns, not experts.

And, where you are in your career, it is FAR too soon to decide between web dev, software engineering, data science, machine learning. From where you stand they are all the same thing. Seriously.

In an intern interview, you need something to talk about. Maybe some simple portfolio project would be good. Great interns figure things out. You can do that.