How do I know where I have left off?

I left the page of responsive web design and I don’t know where I left off.

Under your user name you can see Go to current challenge button

Click that one and it takes you to current challenge

Thanks for pointing that out.
I did go to that link but it takes me back to the first html course, i was way further than that. Maybe I wasn’t saving properly.
I was wondering if you can help clear ups something. I was reading a blog by the founder of this site where he was saying javascript is the best language to start with if you are new and it is your first language.
I don’t know where the tutorials are for JS. It linked to this course, is the an overview of all codes or is it eventually cover javascript?

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click on the certificate names to open the lsit of challenges, you can go to the one you want
also the first JS certificate is the second one, it’s all JavaScript until you meet the Python certs

Thank you for the help and clarification. This new to me at 60 but I want to give it a try.

Thank you for your question

@armanalahi, please do not post just for the sake of posting. Reply only if you can help resolve the OP’s issue.

ok. thank you for let me know

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