How do I know why a getJSON call fails? [SOLVED]

Hey guys, I’ve been working on my project. For some reason my getJSON call fails. I know it fails but I don’t know why. Could you guys help me with this? but more importantly, for the future, how can I debug getJSON calls? how can I know why they’re not working?

Heres my code:

  var url = "";

            $.getJSON(url, function(d) {
            }).done(function(d) {
            }).fail(function(d) {
            }).always(function(d) {

Console logs: “error” and then “complete”. Thanks in advance.

Usually the console will also display what error occurred. In case you are using codepen: make sure to open the real console (not the codepen one).

In this case I see a CORS error, meaning that you don’t have access to the server. I guess you should use JSONP, but I have no experience with the fCC version of the twitch api.

Adding ?callback=? (jsonp thing…) to the url fixes it.

Thanks a lot! it worked. I guess that with the error displayed in the real console I can google the solution to it right?

Absolutely! There will be a solution to almost any problem you can encounter.

Thanks. Just one more question if you dont mind. Im getting this error: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED but I don’t know why. Ive beens searching but can quite figure it out.

It works fine for me (pen), are you sure it is from the API request?

Yeah. It was that. Its working fine now. Thanks again.