How Do I Learn All of this Stuff?!?!

Hello Humans,
I have been working on coding for a couple of months. I have been working with JavaScript, Python, and HTML. I’m completely lost on most of the forums, but I’m starting to understand. I just wanted to know if there are any tips for learning on a website like this.


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learn something.

Then go build something. Find a passion project to put your skills to the test.


Learning Python and javascript at the same time is likely to be a bit confusing. If I were you, I’d pick one of them to focus on initially.


Now I don’t have a direct answer to this, but this guy’s post explains perfectly the position your in: Learning to code (for beginners)

Never stop not doing nothing.

You learn it by doing it day after day.

Try, fail, learn, try, fail better.

If you ever need proof that you’re making progress, look at your code from 6 months ago.

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Find a good app that does lots and study it.

This search engine does everything a programmer from 1970 wanted and more.

Most great code is about simple solutions.

You can learn far more from a guy like me than any educator or course.
My stuff is practical and the solutions were what set me apart.
See my post on this app
Going on for over 8 years so I don’t want to bore you with all it.
"nobody shares knowledge better than this’

Just keep learning one thing at a time.

Programming is an endlessly deep well, you can dive in and never find the bottom.

It’s important to keep one thing in front of you, learn that, and then build something with it.

Apply what you are learning to a project, even if it’s small, so that you can integrate that information into the rest of what you know.

I agree with focusing on one thing at a time initially. For me once I started focusing on python I noticed my coding ability definitely improved, but I also think you should try and incorporate coding into tasks you perform daily. For me, I started writing a lot of scripts to streamline some boring excel stuff at work.

I don’t think there is a simple, clear path. There are so many technologies on the web that inter-relate and depend on each other that learning is often a confusing mix of multi-tasking and a lot of “I’ll have to learn a little bit of these other three things just to get to the next level on this…”

I say just embrace it. Just keep learning. Perhaps you focus on one main thing for a while, but you are going to have to take some side trips. Yes, it’s a confusing mess. But so is web dev. If it could be reduced down to one language/framework/library, it would have happened. Just embrace the confusion and learn. Bit by bit it will start to make sense.