How do I learn programming?

I did all 110 excersizes for front end coding and it was easy, but now that I have to start doing stuff on my own I have no idea what Im supposed to be doing. How am I supposed to start learning how to code? where can I learn html, JavaScript etc? (I need to do as much as I can for free as Im currently unemployed and have very limited funds for anything).

At anytime, you can click on the Map on and start any section you wish.

I am not sure which 110 exercises you completed, but if you start at the first section (HTML5 and CSS), you will be learning html as you said you want to do.

If you continue working through the challenges, you will see sections on Bootstrap (a CSS library) and jQuery (a JavaScript library).

If you just want to start learning to code JavaScript, then you should start at the Basic JavaScript section. The first challenge is named Comment your JavaScript Code. This section will give you a basic understanding which you will also use to complete the later advanced JavaScript sections.

As you are already aware, the Free Code Camp curriculum is free to use, which is perfect when you have limited funds.

Remember that you can always post a question here on the forum if you get stuck on a challenge or need clarification on a concept or why a particular piece of code works the way it does.

Happy Coding!

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