How do I learn programming?

For eg: Currently I am trying to learn bash shell scripting, text processing using bash etc. But the problem is I don’t think I can learn it. Why? Because I don’t know programming. In particular, problem solving. I don’t know problem solving at all. I try my best but I fail. In the past, I tried learning MERN web development for around 1 year but failed to do so.
So, I am wondering how do I learn programming? Particularly, bash shell scripting. I don’t need roadmap but way to learn problem solving.

Problem solving is something you get better at the more you try.

mistakes often lead us to look for answers and cause us to try harder to solve them.
Most problems seem big, but can be broken up into smaller more manageable problems.

Like any skill, it can be difficult to learn, you will make many mistakes at the beginning.
As you practice and work towards getting just a little better, you will eventually find things just start to click.

It takes time, and doubt is a hard thing to deal with :confused:
Pick a process, roadmap, course, whatever you feel is the most likely to work with your learning style, and keep at it.
Trusting the process isn’t easy, having mile stones can help.

There are loads of courses out there, but the way you learn and think about learning is also important.

Think of the causes and tutorials as introductions.
They will show you the environment, the style of code, a few use cases.

But the bit where you really learn is by trying to do it yourself, failing, considering what you did wrong and trying again.

Our brains are amazing things. But they need a lot of information to connect things together.
The more you play with code, the more information your brain will have to help you.

If you can put the work in, you can learn anything :smiley:

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