How do I make an already declared value output 2 different values simultenuously?

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function functionWithArgs(one, two) {
console.log(1 + 2);


//second sum

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Hi @emmanuelayotunde !

Welcome to the forum!

I think there is some confusion concerning function parameters.

For the console.log you are not supposed to use real numbers here.

You need to use the parameters instead.

The parameters act as placeholders for the real values.

When we call the function, that is when you will use real values.

functionWithArgs(real-value-goes-here, real-value-goes-here)

Hope that makes sense!

But everytime I do that, I keep getting errors, plus I am really struggling to output two values with the same declaration.

Can you share your latest code so I can see what you are doing?

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Ok I understand thanks.

console.log can accespt a number of values. You could just log one value, or you can log several, separating them with commas. Sometimes the value you wanna log, can be result of expression, or even a function retuned value. 1+2 is an expression, so is one+two, given that we declared the values of one and two. In this sense console.log is very useful as it can retrieve us lot of data on what our code produces

let two=2
let three=3
console.log(three, two, 1+2, two+three, 1+two+three)
// logs 3 2 3 5 6

We can even put a descriptive string, to tell us what the log line actually contains:

console.log('show the sum of one and two:', one+two)
console.log('show the sum of one and two: '+(one+two))
console.log('value of one: '+one, 'value of two:', two)

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