How do I make each of them a unique Key?

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I know how to get the tests to pass. What I don’t understand is how to give it a unique key by the map function alone. Could someone explain that to me? I know the index will act like a key ( or is a key?).

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const frontEndFrameworks = [

function Frameworks() {
const renderFrameworks = => <li>{key}</li>); // Change this line
return (
    <h1>Popular Front End JavaScript Frameworks</h1>
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Challenge: Give Sibling Elements a Unique Key Attribute

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you can pass the key to li element same way as any other attribute
I do not want to show you the solution, so just a hint: same as src attribute to img attribute <img src={something} /> you can do the same for li and instead of src set the key.
you can find more info in the docs:

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