How do I make it responsive to mobile?

So I finished today the challenge, it’s simple for now but it’s functioning good. But I can’t figure out how to make it responsive to web, when I open it in my phone it’s all messy.

Thanks in advance!

Overall, it looks good.
Try to add a viewport meta tag in your HTML settings on the codepen.
Also add the Bootstrap .js on your js settings.
These should help you make it responsive.

Thank you!

Did those 2 things but still looks the same on my phone…

Ok, I looked again. It’s coming from your CSS.

You have already called the viewport in your html meta tag, no need to call it again in CSS.

Your body should come first, and then follow the html format on down (makes it easier to read)

In CSS your id=container reads #containger

See if these will help make it more responsive.