How do i make this table as a component that is reusable and react-redux?

Hi guys,

I am totally new in react.js and yet I need to surmount this impossible task of picking up react-redux and who know what else which I have not started because i do not know if it is a stand alone thing or it is part of component thing. The aim is to understand state change. As I need to do a unit-testing - yet another mountain. All must be done in a week. Isn’t this like more than impossible.
I hope someone can give me a study plan how to come up with at least a test case for a start.
Now, another thing is I have this table which I have learnt from youtube but I have no idea if it can be made into a Component so that others can re-use it.
But, how to make it happen ? I only learnt about react.js from Havard beyond 50 first lesson.
I hope someone can tell me how to change the code to make it reusuable and the data has to come from a back-end Spring Boot.

Here’s the code at

Please help me …

Have you tried working through the React/Redux tutorials on FCC?

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