How do I output this

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please how do I output a query in this format

{ name: 'firstname lastname'}

thanks in advance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Challenge: Get Query Parameter Input from the Client

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From the description:

Build an API endpoint, mounted at GET /name . Respond with a JSON document, taking the structure { name: 'firstname lastname'} . The first and last name parameters should be encoded in a query string e.g. ?first=firstname&last=lastname .

So the { name: 'firstname lastname'} is part of the response. It is what you are sending back. The way you are inputting it, is by including the ?first=firstname&last=lastname query in the url.

Does that makes sense?

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sir it was expected to output the query string in such a format

OK, I’m still not sure what you are asking.

If I try to use your solution url ( to pass the test, it fails.

That is because that is not a url to the server, but is a url to your replit. You can get the url to the server by selecting the Output and then opening up a url to the server, by pressing here:

That should open up a new tab/window with a url pointing to your server. If I take that url and plug it into the FCC test, as the solution, then the tests pass for me.

Does that makes sense?

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Am sorry I did mention earlier, I’ve gotten the solution already, thanks for your time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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