How do I practice the skills I'm learning?

I’m not a developer or even an especially tech savvy individual. I’m just motivated and want to learn a new skill. So I’ve just started the curriculum on here, and I want to be able to practice some of these skills I’m learning. What’s a good way to practice and experiment with the skills you learn in the freecodecamp curriculum? The challenges are great but it’s very linear in nature and just keeps going. I need some time to ruminate on things and practice. Any advice?

At the end of each section there are several projects that will combine the skills you have learned and also require you to go out and do some independent research and planning.

Hi @Cake !

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Building projects is the best way to test your skills. It is normal to forget some of the lessons.

Don’t worry about that.
Just research what you don’t know and ask questions.

Happy coding!