How do I print or get my certificate

Hi I am sorry if this question has been answered before, I honestly did not really look for it here only on YouTube and I did not find any answers.
So I’m doing the curriculum in a different way than most of you all are probably doing it, I learned Python before I found this website I knew the basics and I actually built some pretty nice programs in it, I worked with SQL and had some databases experience as well. So the first thing I did was to complete the Science Computing project and now I am working on JavaScript and data structures etc… My question is:

I already finished the 5 projects required to get the certificate for Science Computing but I do not know how to print or get the certificate, I go to my profile and it says that I have no certificates yet, please help! Thanks a lot!

Hey @noelaronc!

I found a similar question within the forum so I will post it here.

Hope that helps!